December 1st 2017  |  â€™Tis the season for joyous occasions, investment merriment, increased connectedness and year-end reflection. As the holidays run their course - and with a new year almost upon us - we remain ever-grateful for our team and our community.
November 3rd 2017  |  For this edition, we're digging into the intersection of big data and Link Ventures founder, Dave Blundin. His early predictions about data trends and ongoing insight have helped lead us to many replicable, scalable successes.
October 3rd 2017  |  In this issue of The Link Up, we're digging into our recipe for company creation and how the Cogo Labs internship program is a perfect small scale example of that process.
September 1st 2017  |  This month we're talking about how we identify and evaluate companies (including publics) by using the voluminous data aggregated at our incubator, Cogo Labs.
July 31st 2017  |  This month, we discussed consumer data, pivoting and product market fit. In our case study with incubating Cogo company Contrast, co-founder Derek Bennewies shares some of the decision-making behind their approach and their product:
June 29th 2017  |  This month, we've shared some of what makes up the depth and breadth of our tight-knit community. Read on for unique reflections from a few of our companies - Cogo Labs, Uplift, CareDash and Abovo42.
May 2nd 2017  |  This month, we focused on the subject of hackathons. Learn how Cogo Labs team members and Link Ventures portfolio companies, EverQuote and CareDash, hosted hackathons of their own recently and why they found them so valuable.