Meet the BBJ's 2017 40 Under 40 honorees

Boston Business Journal  |  Boston, MA  |  August 24th 2017

Link Senior Partner and Cogo Labs CEO, Mira Wilczek, has been chosen for the Boston Business Journal's 2017 40 Under 40 list. This year's 40 Under 40 honorees — 20 men and 20 women who live and work in the Bay State — represent the best and brightest in Massachusetts. The honorees were selected from nearly 350 nominations received this year and are currently leading their respective industries in the for-profit, nonprofit and government sectors.

EverQuote Adds Home and Life Insurance to Its Industry Leading Insurance Marketplace

PR Newswire  |  Cambridge, MA  |  August 14th 2017

EverQuote Inc., the largest online insurance marketplace, today announced the additions of home and life insurance to its consumer experience and direct agent platform, EverQuote Pro (PRO). EverQuote's technology helps consumers save time and money on insurance by matching them with the agents and carriers best suited to their specific underwriting needs. Carriers and agents, in turn, have access to an efficient source of new business opportunities to more effectively meet their growth and business goals.

Every month, more than 1.5 million consumers use EverQuote to shop for auto, home and life insurance, connecting with matched PRO carriers and agents in real-time. In 2016, the company began its expansion to home and life insurance with early support for direct carriers and online referrals. In 2017, the two new offerings have more than tripled in consumer demand and, this month, gained additional access to over 7,000 agents through the PRO platform.

"EverQuote's data and technology have created an experience for auto insurance consumers and agents that is unmatched across the industry," said EverQuote CEO Seth Birnbaum. "We're excited to not only see that success replicated in home and life insurance, but also to drastically improve upon the process for both parties through data-driven and data-proven solutions."

Additional features added to the PRO platform include a new "Smart Campaigns" capability that simplifies campaign management for agents across underwriting profiles and geographic footprints to achieve desired consumer referral volumes without ongoing manual optimizations. EverQuote has also added an enhanced onboarding and agency validation process to not only improve the quality of agents who use PRO but also ensure consumers receive inquiries more closely aligned with their insurance needs from the country's best agents.

For more information, visit

About EverQuote

Founded in 2011, EverQuote, Inc. operates the leading online insurance marketplace in the U.S. and is one of the fastest growing companies in Boston history. The company's data & technology platform unites drivers with agents and carriers to deliver great rates and coverage while maximizing policies sold for auto insurance providers. EverQuote was founded with the vision of applying a scientific, data-driven approach to help consumers find the best price and coverage for their individual insurance needs. For more information, visit and follow on Twitter @EverQuoteInsure.

Ryan Ruffing 1-617-206-6561

Vestmark Named A “Best Place to Work” by the Boston Business Journal

Yahoo Finance  |  Wakefield, MA  |  May 4th 2017

Vestmark, a leading provider of Unified Wealth Management® solutions, was named a 2017 Best Place to Work by the Boston Business Journal. The awards program honors Boston’s leading employers and commends the importance of developing a great workplace culture to drive a competitive business advantage.

“Our employees are the heart of our success. We strive to cultivate a dynamic, engaging, and challenging workplace that inspires employees to give their best effort every day,” said John Lunny, CEO of Vestmark. “We are delighted to be recognized as one of Boston’s leading employers for going above and beyond the norm to foster an enjoyable and meaningful work environment for our employees.”

Vestmark ranked in the medium-size category, dedicated to companies with 100 to 249 employees. A total of 80 finalists were selected this year – ranging from extra-small (20 to 49 employees) to extra-large (1,000+ employees) – based on employee-satisfaction survey responses conducted by the Boston Business Journal in partnership with Quantum Workplace.

“The BBJ’s Best Places to Work awards program is one of our most competitive programs in terms of how many companies participate each year and is always one of our most successful in terms of how many people attend our awards event,” said Carolyn M. Jones, Market President and Publisher of the Boston Business Journal. “This year, well over 300 companies submitted surveys, and once again, we are extremely excited to be able to recognize these employers that clearly value their employees and go the extra mile to create great workplaces."

Vestmark began with a mission to enable investors to better their financial well-being. The company achieves this by providing the most comprehensive wealth management platform to the largest financial institutions in the nation, enabling advisors and portfolio managers to deliver accurate, compliant, frictionless advice tailored to each individual investor. Today, Vestmark services over 2 million investors with intuitive reporting, customized portfolios, and tax-aware trading.

The Boston Business Journal will honor all finalists during the awards celebration on June 22, at Symphony Hall in Boston. A full list of the 2017 honorees can be found on the Boston Business Journal’s website. For more information on working at Vestmark, visit our careers page.

Vestmark is a leading provider of wealth management solutions, headquartered outside of Boston, MA. Founded in 2001, Vestmark’s mission is to enable investors to better their financial well-being. We do this through delivering technology and services that enable financial institutions and advisors to deliver holistic advice in line with investor objectives. We service 43 institutions, 25,000 advisors, over $650 billion in assets, and 2.3 million investor accounts.

(Originally published on Yahoo!Finance)

High-tech apps track drivers to help prevent tragedy

CBS News  |  Washington, D.C.  |  April 25th 2017

Smartphones, cars and teenagers make a dangerous combination. But, now there’s a smartphone app that may save lives.

Sarah Gregory’s been driving for about a year. Her parents asked her to download an app that tracks and scores her performance every time she’s behind the wheel.

We asked her if she would consider herself a good driver.

Sarah Gregory with CBS News’ Kris Van Cleave CBS NEWS

“As good as a 17-year-old could be I guess?” she said.

It’s almost like having Mom or Dad in the car to remind you.

“Yeah, knowing that it’s running in the background probably helps me drive a lot better because if I’m speeding I’m like, ‘oh wait, my app is going to take off for that,’” she said.

Nearly 2,000 teen drivers were killed in crashes in 2015 -- up 9 percent from the previous year.

Sarah’s parents -- Julie and Cliff -- also use the EverDrive app.

Sarah’s father Cliff CBS NEWS

“We could actually tell when they used their phone or when they didn’t use their phone. We can tell if they exceeded the speed limit, we could tell whether they were stopping or accelerating like crazy,” Cliff told us.

We asked former NTSB chair Deborah Hersman, who now runs the National Safety Council, if these devices make an adult a better driver.

“Absolutely think they have the potential to do that, but it’s not going to work for everyone in the population,” Hersman said.

Deborah Hersman of the National Safety Council CBS NEWS

“What we have to do is get to a point where everyone is comfortable getting that feedback and modifying their driving behavior,” she said.

The technology is a growing business -- from apps to devices like Verizon Hum, which is a driving performance tracker aimed at parents.

Even Buick has created “smart driver” technology standard in most vehicles.

Christine Sitek from GM’s OnStar says the smart driver system not only helps improve driving, it can save users money. The company said they have a million customers enrolled today.

“If you’re feeling good about your score, you can opt-in to seek an opportunity to get an insurance discount,” Sitek said. “We’re seeing that those customers are receiving up to a 30 percent discount on their insurance.”

The apps attempt to make driving a game by showing how drivers rank against each other. Buick believes its software will improve safety especially when coupled with technology like collision avoidance and lane departure warnings.

Originally published on CBS News By Kris Van Cleave CBS NEWS April 25, 2017, 7:19 PM

New Study Shows Majority of Americans Still Suffer From Election Results Anxiety as President’s 100th Day Draws Near

Link Ventures  |  Cambridge, MA  |  April 20th 2017

Anxiety levels affect men, those with children in the home and even Trump voters

Following one of the most controversial presidential elections in history and a “First 100 Days” marked by contentious executive orders, travel bans, military strikes, suspicions of foreign election tampering, healthcare debates and threats to our national security, the United States has become a nation on edge, according to a new poll by Radius Global Market Research commissioned by healthcare review site

“Nervous Nation: An Inside Look at America’s Anxiety in the Age of Trump,” a poll of over 2,000 adults aged 18 and older surveyed between March 23-27, 2017, shows more than half of Americans (59%) report being at least somewhat anxious because of the November election results, with nearly three-fourths (71%) of Americans aged 18-44 reporting feeling anxious due to the results. Nearly two-thirds of Americans (64%) agree that Donald Trump as president is causing more people to have anxiety.

“The November election results created the ‘perfect storm’ of rising anxiety and it’s affecting our national health,” says CareDash Medical Advisor and Washington, DC-area therapist, Dr. Steven Stosny (PhD). “Anxiety and nervousness stem from the fear that something bad might happen. These feelings are intensified in times of uncertainty and are also contagious. What we see now is Americans trying to grapple with the uncertainty of a President known for bold and unexpected behavior, as well as a 24-hour news cycle driven in part by social media platforms that have amplified political worries.”

Americans are also engaging in more unhealthy behavior as a result of the November election. Nearly half of Americans (45%) have experienced some of the more common symptoms of anxiety such as depression, weight gain, trouble sleeping, relationship distress, resentment and anger, and feelings of nervousness. Of this group, nearly half (48%) of those Americans with some symptoms of anxiety and more than half (60%) aged 18-44 report engaging in unhealthy behaviors such as drinking alcohol, smoking, eating unhealthy or arguing because of the November election results. Nearly half of Americans (47%) aged 18-44 who have experienced some of the more common symptoms of anxiety also report sleeping less or having less sex because of the election.

Key Groups Affected by the Election

The current political environment is particularly affecting men as well as those with children in the household; and even Trump voters are feeling anxious. Key survey findings include:  Men vs. Women

  • 54% of men report feeling more anxious because of the January inauguration; and of those who have experienced some of the more common symptoms of anxiety, 51% have seen or considered seeing a doctor for their symptoms.
  • In comparison, only 48% of women are feeling more anxious because of the January inauguration and only 28% who have experienced some of the more common symptoms of anxiety have seen or considered seeing a doctor for their symptoms.

Adults Living with Children

  • 72% of adults with children in the household are at least somewhat anxious because of the November election results versus 51% percent of adults without children in the household.
  • 57% of adults with children in the household who have experienced some of the more common symptoms of anxiety have seen or considered seeing a doctor for their symptoms as compared to only 22% of adults without children in the household.

Trump Voters

  • 43% of Trump voters report feeling anxious because of the November election results.
  • 42% of Trump voters also agree that the President is causing more people to have anxiety.
  • 41% of Trump voters are looking for ways to cope with the negative political environment and 36% are avoiding social media to reduce anxiety around political comments.

“The survey’s findings that more men than women are actively seeking medical help for Trump-induced anxiety is contradictory to established psychological research which has repeatedly shown that men are less likely than women to seek help from physicians and mental health professionals,” added Stosny. “What we are experiencing now is a new phenomenon where men, facing an onslaught of continued breaking new alerts, social media comments and alternative facts, feel that they no longer have the control or ability to protect their families in these uncertain times.”

CareDash, an online healthcare portal that seeks to democratize the doctor review industry through 100% honest and transparent reviews, commissioned the poll by Radius Global Market Research to better understand how the current political environment is affecting the mental health of their users and the general population. The current study findings mirror those found in an online poll of CareDash newsletter subscribers which found that 55% of respondents are at least somewhat anxious because of the November election results. “The mission of CareDash is to empower all patients to take charge of their own healthcare decisions,” says Ted Chan, Founder and CEO of CareDash. “This poll continues our core objective to be a resource for transparent information that will ultimately enable patients to make more informed healthcare choices. Our hope is that by understanding the root cause of mental health issues that many Americans are facing today, patients will be better equipped to seek ways to address those issues, either through or other professional services available to them.”

CareDash will also host a free “CareDash Coping Clinic” on Friday, April 28 in Boston to help Bostonians with some of their post-election anxiety. City residents are invited to stop by the one day downtown location pop up during lunchtime for a quick mid-day stress-relieving break and enjoy a free 15-minute chair massage, a warm cup of relaxing tea and healthy snacks.

Details on the survey findings are available at

Shareable infographics are available to download or link to at:

Methodology: The survey was conducted online within the United States by Radius Global Market Research on behalf of CareDash between March 23-27, among 2,135 adults ages 18+ who reside in the U.S. Surveys were conducted in English. Data were weighted to reflect U.S. Census data. Weighting variables included age, gender and region. The symptoms of anxiety included in the survey are the most common symptoms of anxiety as provided by the National Institute of Mental Health and the Mayo Clinic and include weight gain, weight loss, depression, suicidal thoughts, trouble sleeping, feelings of nervousness, relationship distress and resentment or anger.

About Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, is an online healthcare portal transforming the doctor review industry to make it more transparent and accessible for all patients regardless of their socio-economic background. Unlike other doctor review sites, CareDash does not influence, suppress or remove negative reviews in exchange for payment from providers. Unbeknownst to patients, existing doctor review sites accept payments from doctors to remove and hide negative reviews. CareDash also services more patients in the low-to-middle income range than leading patient review sites – many of whom have traditionally been ignored and underrepresented in this space.

About Radius Global Market Research: Radius Global Market Research ( is one of the largest independent market-research companies. For more than 50 years, the business has partnered with global marketers to develop insight-based strategies that drive brand performance. A superior level of senior team involvement is the hallmark of Radius GMR’s approach. Radius GMR is based in New York. Global operations include London-based Radius Europe, Radius MEA in Dubai, and Radius Asia in Beijing.

CONTACT: Kerri Axelrod 617-375-9700

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Chicago Urban League Partners with Jobcase for 2017 Citywide Job Fair

Link Ventures  |  Chicago, IL  |  April 11th 2017

The Chicago Urban League announced today that its 2017 Citywide Job Fair -- one of Chicago's largest annual hiring events -- will be co-sponsored by Jobcase, the only social media website dedicated to empowering America's workforce. Annually drawing more than 1,000 participants, the job fair will take place June 21, 2017 from 10:00a.m. - 2:00p.m. at the University of Illinois at Chicago Forum, 725 W. Roosevelt Rd, Chicago, IL. The event connects Chicagoland residents with employment opportunities from local businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

"We are proud to partner with Jobcase, an organization that is committed to empowering people and strengthening our community," said Shari Runner, President and CEO of the Chicago Urban League. "The job fair is an invaluable venue for employers in search of quality candidates and prospective employees seeking jobs, training and networking opportunities. For many, securing employment at this event will allow them to support their families and potentially change their lives."

"Jobcase is very proud to support and partner with the Chicago Urban League, an organization that has succeeded for over 100 years in empowering Chicagoans," said Fred Goff, founder and CEO, Jobcase. "People's satisfaction and success in their work life are key building blocks for strengthening community. It is our privilege to leverage our Jobcase community, tools, and data-science to help the Chicago Urban League drive improved outcomes for residents, communities and institutions in the region. Together, we will make this the most successful Citywide Job Fair yet!"

The Citywide Job Fair is free to all registrants and provides access for Chicago residents to employment opportunities with major participating companies including AT&T, Walmart, Comcast and others. Employers will offer a range of positions from entry-level to managerial, and preparatory workshops will take place the week before the event focused on resume building, interviewing and networking for success.

Registration for the Citywide Job Fair can be completed on Jobcase's dedicated registration page: All registrants who sign up through Jobcase will also have access to the Chicago Job Fair Group in the Jobcase community -- an opportunity for participants to connect online with organizers, employers and one another to share announcements, tips and work life developments.

Chicago Citywide Job Fair additional details:

Who: 1000+ attendees and 100+ employers

What: Chicago Urban League & Jobcase Citywide Job Fair

Where: UIC Forum 725 W. Roosevelt Road, Chicago, IL

When: Wednesday, June 21, 2017 at 10:00am - 2:00pm

To learn more about the Citywide Job Fair, please visit or

About the Chicago Urban League Established in 1916, the Chicago Urban League works for economic, educational and social progress for African Americans and promotes strong sustainable communities through advocacy, collaboration and innovation. For more information, visit Find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

About Jobcase One of the Boston area's fastest growing technology companies, Jobcase is the only social media site dedicated to empowering America's workforce. Jobcase provides one place to manage all things job-related, including access to the knowledge, connections and wisdom of 70 million other Jobcasers. Jobcase is an industry affiliated partner of MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, CSAIL, and Jobcase technology also powers over 100 job sites in the Jobcase Network, connecting more than 70 million workers and employers. For more information, visit

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EverQuote Wins Two Gold LeadsCouncil LEADER Awards for 2017

Link Ventures  |  Cambridge, MA  |  March 22nd 2017


EverQuote Inc., the leading online auto insurance marketplace in the U.S., is proud to announce it has won two Gold Awards in LeadsCouncil's 2017 LEADER Awards' voting. The company has been recognized with Gold Awards for "Best Marketing Agency" and for the second consecutive year, "Best 3rd Party Lead Generator" in the insurance category.

LEADER Awards winners are determined by LeadsCouncil members through a voting process in which insurance agents across organizations and carriers recognize partners with the largest impact on their agencies. These awards showcase EverQuote's continued dedication to delivering best-in-class lead quality, with a focus on intelligently connecting insurance providers with the right consumers to efficiently grow their books of business.

"Our success is solely dependent on the success of our partners and customers. That's why we're adamant about matching and connecting real-time insurance shoppers with insurance agents that can help them immediately. This creates a win-win-win situation," said John Tawadros, Chief Operating Officer at EverQuote. "Insurance agencies across the country have voted, and selected EverQuote as the best partner in their insurance industry, and that speaks volumes. We remain committed to providing exceptional value to our existing and future partners."

These awards put an exclamation point on a huge year for the company, as it raised $36 million in Series B funding and launched its new safe-driving app, EverDrive. EverQuote was also recognized by the Boston Globe as one of Boston's best places to work and one of the fastest growing companies in the nation by Inc. Magazine.

EverDrive by EverQuote

To learn more about EverQuote Pro for Agents, visit or call 844-707-8800.

About EverQuote - Founded in 2011, EverQuote, Inc. operates the largest online insurance marketplace. The company's data & technology platform unites drivers with agents and carriers to deliver great rates and coverage while maximizing policies sold for insurance providers. EverQuote was founded with the vision of applying a scientific, data-driven approach to help consumers find the best price and coverage for their individual insurance needs while driving down costs for insurance providers. For more information, visit and follow on Twitter @EverQuoteInsure.

About LeadsCouncil - The LeadsCouncil is an independent association, whose members are companies in the online lead generation industry from buyers to sellers, technology solution providers and investment professionals. All members are united in a common goal of promoting best practices and fostering trust regardless of vertical.

Contact: Ryan Ruffing | 617-206-6561 |

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VestmarkONE(R) Robo Solution Wins 2017 BISA Technology Innovation Award

Link Ventures  |  Wakefield, MA  |  March 14th 2017

Vestmark is pleased to announce that the recently launched VestmarkONE Robo Solution won the 2017 Bank Insurance & Securities Association (BISA) award for Best Technology Innovation Solution. Announced at the Annual Convention held March 7-10, 2017 at the Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood, FL., the award recognizes leadership in the advancement of the financial services industry's products, services, and platforms through technology innovation.

The VestmarkONE Robo Solution was officially launched as a turn-key offering last October and currently operates as the engine behind one of the industry's largest robo platforms. Built to support a range of investment programs, the solution enables wealth management firms to leverage the most effective aspects of both human and automated advice delivery. In contrast to many available robo offerings, the VestmarkONE Robo Solution is a comprehensive platform that leverages each organization's current suite of advisory offerings and is easily managed alongside mutual fund advisory, ETF advisory, SMAs, UMAs, and advisor-directed programs.

"At Vestmark, we believe the future of financial advice is about arming the advisor with a broad array of technology resources, as well as making information and tools available to the client in an intuitive and compelling way," said Rob Klapprodt, President of Vestmark. "For this reason, our robo platform enables advisors to augment their practices with the tech they need to scale their practice and strengthen their client relationships. We're thrilled that the Bank Insurance & Securities Association has recognized the innovation we bring to the market and look forward to our continued partnership." Further details about the BISA Technology Innovation Award and a full list of the 2017 recipients can be found on BISA's website. For more information on the VestmarkONE Robo Solution, please visit Vestmark's website here.

About Vestmark

Vestmark is a leading provider of wealth management solutions, headquartered outside of Boston, MA. Founded in 2001, Vestmark's mission is to enable investors to better their financial well-being. We do this through delivering technology and services that enable financial institutions and advisors to deliver holistic advice in line with investor objectives. We service over 40 institutions, 25,000 advisors, over $600 billion in assets, and 2 million accounts. For more information about Vestmark's solutions, email or visit

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Mira Wilczek Named President & CEO of Cogo Labs

Link Ventures  |  Cambridge, MA  |  February 23rd 2017

We are excited to announce that Mira Wilczek has been named the new President & CEO of Cogo Labs. Dave Blundin, Cogo's previous CEO, will stay on as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Wilczek will also continue her role as Senior Partner at Cogo's parent company, Link Ventures.

"Mira embodies all the traits that we seek at Cogo - smart, technical, enthusiastic, practical, organized," Dave said in his announcement to the company. "Most importantly, our ever-expanding ecosphere of constituents--our dozen CEOs and aspiring CEOs, our co-investors, our senior mangers, our friends outside the building--all trust her and believe in her. This makes Mira the perfect embodiment of our Cogo values and our ideal leader."

Mira Wilczek

As Cogo's Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Mira built and led Minerva Analytics, an internal Cogo team focused on building online communities through a combination of rapid-development web property tools, scalable user acquisition, and extensive competitive and performance analysis using Cogo's extensive data warehouse.

"A startling fact about Cogo and our spin-out companies is that over 90% of our people were not previously at internet companies - and that includes Mira herself," Dave continued. "A large part of our success can be traced back to our ability to teach and nurture people who come from diverse non-internet technical backgrounds and help them become internet leaders. Mira's ability to encourage and inspire will enable us to continue that trend as we dramatically expand our scale."

Before coming to Cogo, Mira was founder and CEO of Red Panda Security, a research consultancy specializing in mobile behavioral analytics, Principal Investigator under the DARPA CFT program, and Director of Business Development at Lyric Semiconductor, where she garnered industry recognition including TR50, Silicon 60, and an EE Times ACE Award and led the successful sale of the company to Analog Devices.

Mira also holds patents both granted and pending in the fields of cyber security and sensor data fusion. She holds an S.B. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT, as well as an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

As seen on Cogo's Blog here.

CareDash Lands $2M for Online Doctor Rating & Review Platform

Link Ventures  |  Cambridge, MA  |  February 9th 2017, an online doctor review and rating portal, has secured nearly $1 million in venture debt financing and an additional $1 million line of credit led by Link Ventures, a Cambridge-based investment firm focused on internet and technology companies. With this new investment, the Cambridge, MA-based company plans to increase consumer awareness of the brand as a resource dedicated to transparency in the doctor review industry with a steadfast promise to reject payments from doctors seeking to remove and hide negative reviews, a widely-used industry practice.

Launched in 2016, CareDash makes doctor and hospital information more accessible, inclusive and transparent. Provider ratings and patient reviews on CareDash make it easy for consumers to make informed decisions about their health. Simply search for doctors by name, specialty or location, then review a list of providers who meet your search criteria.

Unlike other doctor review sites, CareDash does not influence, suppress or remove negative reviews in exchange for payment from providers. Unbeknownst to patients, existing doctor review sites accept payments from doctors to remove and hide negative reviews. CareDash also services more patients in the low-to-middle income range than leading patient review sites – many of whom have traditionally been ignored and underrepresented in this space.

“We started CareDash with the mission to arm patients with the transparent information they need to take charge of their healthcare,” said Ted Chan, founder and CEO, “It’s one thing to eat a bad meal at a restaurant because a review was suppressed in exchange for compensation; it’s quite another to manipulate the healthcare information available to patients.” This latest round of funding from Link Ventures builds upon an exceptional year for CareDash which saw exponential growth of ratings and reviews, in addition to several key executive appointments. Link Ventures’ focus on market intelligence and corporate services will enable CareDash to continue improving the patient healthcare experience.”

CareDash currently features more than 30,000 reviews and ratings. The company generated $6.7 million in revenue in 2016 and previously raised $500,000 in seed capital.

2016 Milestones Position Vestmark as 2017’s Leader in Wealth Management Technology

Link Ventures  |  Wakefield, MA  |  February 6th 2017

As 2016 drew to a close, Link Ventures was pleased to add Vestmark, Inc. to its growing portfolio. The addition was accomplished through a special purpose vehicle (SPV) that allowed Link to participate in Vestmark’s Series 9 fundraising round. The investment capped an exciting year for the leading SaaS provider of wealth management technologies, which today services over 2 million investor accounts representing over $600 billion in assets.

Summit Partners

In addition to achieving rapid client growth and laudable industry recognition in 2016, Vestmark closed a $30 million dollar investment with Summit Partners, a global growth equity investor. Summit has invested in over 400 companies in technology, healthcare, and other growth sectors, leading to more than 135 public offerings and 150 acquisitions. Christopher Dean, a Managing Director of the firm, explained that “Summit has a history of backing market-leading innovators in many different industries.” He added that their investment in Vestmark allows them “to support an exceptionally innovative company, one that is truly helping to advance the delivery of critical financial advice.”

Link welcomed the opportunity to supplement the Summit-led funding round through its SPV. The additional funding enhances Vestmark’s ability to maintain its rapid growth pattern, and to explore additional avenues for expansion. As mentioned in the company’s press release, its “goal is to enable top tier financial institutions to scale delivery of their advice across all channels and client relationships.” John Lunny, the CEO of Vestmark, stated that he and his team “will continue to set the standard for financial technology innovation as [they] advance [their] offering and address new markets.” A key member of that team is CFO Tiffany Freitas, who was named one of Boston Business Journal’s 40 under 40 for 2016.

Against the backdrop of last year’s milestones, Link Ventures looks forward to a strong relationship with Vestmark during 2017!


Link Ventures Co-hosts First MITAAB Founders Mixer

Link Ventures  |  Cambridge, MA  |  January 27th 2017

Link Ventures and Cogo Labs recently co-hosted the inaugural “Founders Mixer” of the MIT Alumni Angels of Boston. Held in Cogo’s expanded Kendall Square office space, the event brought together dozens of MIT alumni who have founded high-tech start-up companies. Along with members of the Link Ventures executive team, other invitees included select investor members of MITAAB and Boston-area innovation ecosystem connectors. The networking opportunities among entrepreneurs were as ample as the food and drink they enjoyed. The evening included an informative “fireside chat” between Link Ventures partner, John Roland, and MITAAB co-founder, Wan Li Zhu. Their conversation and the lively Q&A session that followed addressed best practices for using data and analytics to build successful start-up companies (as Link and Cogo have done repeatedly).

Cogo Labs Second Floor Space

MITAAB was formed in 2014 after Zhu and his co-founder, Ishan Sachdev, recognized the importance of utilizing personal and professional bonds to connect the growing circles of start-ups and investors with connections to MIT. Their Boston-area association is deeply rooted in the MIT alumni network and requires members – whether angels, founders or both – to have at least one direct affiliation with the Institute. Not coincidentally, Link’s and Cogo’s co-hosting of the Founders Mixer came about through the MIT graduates on their teams (e.g., Dave Blundin, Mira Wilczek and Matt Rita). Based on the success of that recent event, Link Ventures and Cogo Labs look forward to ongoing collaboration with MITAAB and its membership.

Fireside Chat with John and Wan Li

EverQuote Closes $23 Million Series B Funding To Rapidly Scale Personal Risk Marketplace

Link Ventures  |  Cambridge, MA  |  December 12th 2016

EverQuote, Inc., the leading insurance marketplace, today announced that it closed a $23 million dollar Series B investment led by Maryland- based Savano Capital Partners, with participation from Stratim Capital, Oceanic Partners and T Capital Partners. EverQuote will use the funding to further accelerate growth by increasing its investment in sales and product development. It will also afford the company greater flexibility to continue development of its personal risk marketplace. Founded in 2011, EverQuote utilizes proprietary technology and data to match, advise and connect insurance shoppers with carriers and agents, both online and offline. EverQuote’s customer base includes many of the largest U.S. underwriters, and over 5,000 insurance agencies. Since inception, EverQuote has grown to 5 million consumer visits per month and made over 50 million referrals resulting in over $3 billion of premiums for carriers and agents and an estimated $500 million in savings for consumers.

In a fiercely competitive market, insurance carriers and agents are shifting advertising spend away from broad-based media to measurable online channels. EverQuote’s intelligent technology engages active shoppers best matching carrier and agents’ underwriting strengths, reducing the cost of consumer acquisition. For consumers, EverQuote is the most efficient tool to shop and save on insurance with the most complete set of product options.

In 2016, EverQuote launched EverDrive, a free iOS and Android safe driving app for social insurance engagement. EverDrive helps consumers identify and correct their potentially costly, and deadly, driving habits. At scale, EverDrive will create a safer driving population resulting in fewer claims and losses, and ultimately lower cost insurance for consumers. EverDrive represents the first step in EverQuote’s development of a personal risk marketplace to make consumers safer while saving money. "We’re incredibly excited about EverQuote and the opportunity to partner with Seth and his team. EverQuote is the premier online marketplace partner for insurers,” said Tom Smith, Managing Director of Savano Capital Partners. “Its proprietary technology and targeted approach create a compelling value proposition for carriers, agents and consumers in a notoriously inefficient market. We’re confident that EverQuote is poised for many years of continued growth and look forward to serving as the company’s investment and capital partner along the way."

“We have experienced tremendous growth the past three years, and this funding will help EverQuote continue to grow quickly while we develop a unique personal risk marketplace for consumers and insurance providers,” said EverQuote CEO, Seth Birnbaum. “There’s a vast opportunity in unifying our proprietary technology and data with information from increasingly connected consumers to become the trusted source for risk related products and services online.” "We are very excited to make one of Stratim's largest investments to date in EverQuote,” said Zach Abrams, Managing Partner at Stratim Capital. “We focus on investments in market leading growth-stage companies and EverQuote’s market leading technology platform, customer analytics and experienced management team are perfect for the Stratim Growth Fund." About EverQuote

Founded in 2011, EverQuote, Inc. operates the largest insurance marketplace. The company’s data & technology platform unites drivers with agents and carriers to deliver great rates and coverage while maximizing policies sold for insurance providers. EverQuote was founded with the vision of applying a scientific, data-driven approach to help consumers find the best price and coverage for their individual insurance needs while driving down costs for insurance providers. For more information, visit and follow on Twitter @EverQuoteInsure.

Media Inquiries: Ryan Ruffing 617-206-6561

Brinker Capital completes implementation of VestmarkONE® to improve advisor experience and accelerate business growth

Link Ventures  |  Wakefield, MA  |  December 7th 2016

Vestmark’s groundbreaking unified managed account (UMA) technology helps Brinker Capital to accelerate advice distribution and improve investor outcomes

Vestmark, the leading provider of Unified Wealth Management® solutions announced that Brinker Capital, a leading investment management firm focused on multi-asset class investing, has completed implementation of the award-winning unified wealth management technology platform VestmarkONE® to improve scale and the delivery of Brinker Capital’s UMA program across 62,000 accounts and 3,800 advisors. Today, the solution services $16.4 billion for the firm.

VestmarkONE® enables Brinker Capital to improve the advisor experience and drive home office efficiency by providing access to third-party managers and granting flexibility to construct and report on customized portfolios in line with investor objectives. The platform’s support for UMAs enables Brinker Capital to flexibly integrate SMA managers and strategies, equities, as well as ETFs and mutual funds into a UMA account structure.

“A key component of Brinker Capital’s investment philosophy includes meaningfully blending active and passive investment strategies,” said Avery Cook, CIMA®, Senior Vice President of Managed Products and Solutions at Brinker Capital. “The VestmarkONE® technology supports our Core Guided program, which includes active fixed income SMA managers. Fixed income in UMAs are mostly mutual funds or characteristic-based model delivery, investors now benefit from active SMA fixed income management which is important during times of interest rate uncertainty.”

“By partnering with Brinker Capital we are able to offer advisors an end-to-end solution that ultimately helps investors achieve their wealth goals,” said John Lunny, Chief Executive Officer of Vestmark. “For almost 30 years, Brinker Capital has delivered investment products that enable advisors to fulfill the investment needs of their clients, and this partnership enables both parties to continue to carry out this mission. We look forward to our continued collaboration and to finding new ways to drive advisor efficiency.”

“Brinker Capital selected Vestmark not only because of the industry leading UMA functionality the platform supports, but also their commitment to continuous innovation,” said Brendan McConnell, Chief Operating Officer at Brinker Capital. “Vestmark has a strong culture and proven ability to deliver engaging technology solutions that provide better outcomes to advisors and their clients.”

About Brinker Capital

Since 1987, Brinker Capital has provided investment solutions based on ideas generated from listening to the needs of advisors. From being a pioneer of multi-asset class investments to using behavioral finance to manage the emotions of investing, our disciplined investment approach is the key to helping investors achieve better outcomes.

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Brinker Capital, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor.

About Vestmark, Inc.

Vestmark is the premier technology provider for comprehensive unified wealth solutions utilized by financial advisors and institutions. Vestmark provides VestmarkONE®, the award-winning technology platform, to help clients gather more assets, increase operating efficiency, and minimize risk. Founded in 2001, Vestmark continues to rapidly expand and the platform supports over 1.5 million accounts representing over $600 billion in investor assets.

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EverDrive Buzz: Why You Should Start Competing with Friends

Link Ventures  |  Cambridge, MA  |  November 17th 2016

It’s amazing what a little competition can do! Start competing with friends on EverDrive today and create your own shared leaderboard to find out who the better driver is.

Why compete?

When we consider that the National Safety Council recently announced that traffic fatalities have increased 9% in the first half of 2016, compared to the same time period last year—it’s clear that we need safe drivers now. However, first we need to want to change. Motivation and competition go hand in hand. Competition has been proven to help motivate us and boost our performance. One study found that rivalry—essentially competition with someone we know instead of a stranger—pushes us to succeed even more.

Do you want to become a safer driver? Who doesn’t? Compete with your friends, spouse, son or daughter. We all can benefit from driving better behind the wheel.

EverDrive Friends Leaderboard enter image description here

Proof is in the numbers

Apps can change our behavior for the better. Over the course of the two-month Safe Driving Challenge, we saw that EverDrivers who consistently used the app improved by 30% across all categories and decreased their phone use on the road by 37%. Those are the kinds of numbers we want to see. Considering that many of us drive over 13,000 miles and spend 280 hours behind the wheel each year, it’s important that we all become safer drivers on the road now.

Not to mention, competition is practically wired into us. We want to compete and a little friendly contest can boost our performance by motivating us to do more. EverDrive measures your driving skills to keep you and others safe on the roads and show you where you can improve.

Are you someone that thrives off of competition or do you enjoy anonymity? With EverDrive, you can compete in your town, city or state leaderboard or set up a challenge with your friends to determine the pool of competition.

Tips to win:

  • Brake gradually.
  • Keep your phone down. (Absolutely no excuses! Set up that GPS before you put the car in drive.)
  • Don’t accelerate too harshly.
  • Take those corners carefully.
  • Don’t speed. Have patience. You’ll get to your destination when you get there.
  • Have some fun! Stay calm and enjoy the drive. Driving while stressed certainly does not improve your driving skills.

Distractions surround us everywhere on the road. Improve your driving skills today and get motivated with some friendly competition. Use this as an incentive to drive safer and help encourage those you know to do the same. So, what are you waiting for? Challenge friends today and get driving to the top of the leaderboard. Start your engines—ready, set, go!

Vestmark CFO Named to Boston Business Journal’s 2016 40 Under 40

Link Ventures  |  Wakefield, MA  |  October 28th 2016

Vestmark is pleased to announce that its Chief Financial Officer, Tiffany Freitas, is an honoree of the Boston Business Journal’s 2016 40 Under 40 list. This award recognizes Freitas’ strong leadership and positive contributions to Vestmark and her local community.

Freitas returned to her hometown of Boston last year with an extensive history in helping technology companies across the globe attain market leading positions and sustained profitability. Since joining Vestmark, Freitas has helped create almost 100 jobs at the company, raised a $30 million investment from growth investor Summit Partners, and has set the stage for future corporate expansion into new markets and new regions. Prior to joining Vestmark last year, Tiffany held leadership positions at Disney Interactive and Bain & Company.

Outside the office, Freitas is an outstanding civic leader. She co-founded award-winning fitness hotspot, Tread, a growing fitness franchise dedicated to health and personal empowerment. She and her business partner raise awareness and funding for local charities and provide mentorship for youth in the community. She also works to restore and revive homes and commercial buildings in her native Reading community. Freitas holds a BA from Barnard College and MBA from Harvard Business School.

“We’re thrilled that the Boston Business Journal has recognized Tiffany for her remarkable corporate and community leadership roles,” said John Lunny, CEO of Vestmark. “Tiffany is the embodiment of what the 40 under 40 award stands for. Her positive energy, strategic vision, and unwavering commitment to Vestmark have made a tremendous impact to our workplace.”

Each year, the Boston Business Journal recognizes 40 accomplished leaders under the age of 40 who make a significant impact on Massachusetts as a result of their professional and community contributions. This year's Boston Business Journal 40 Under 40 honorees are all young and extremely talented professionals. As a group, they represent a wide variety of business industries in the for-profit, nonprofit and government sectors. As individuals, they are the definition of overachievers — each already making a significant, positive impact on Massachusetts as a result of their professional and community contributions. The 40 recipients were narrowed down from over 300 nominations and will be honored at an evening ceremony in late October.

Vestmark is the premier technology provider for comprehensive unified wealth solutions utilized by financial advisors and institutions. Vestmark provides VestmarkONE, the award-winning technology platform, to help clients gather more assets, increase operating efficiency, and minimize risk. Since 2001, the platform has grown to manage over 1.7 million accounts, representing over $550 billion in assets under management.