Started in 2011, EverQuote operates the largest online insurance marketplace in the U.S. Their rapidly growing, proprietary, data-driven platform with 7MM visits per month helps insurance shoppers save money by optimally matching them with more than 7,000 agents & 100 carriers.

Check out the app: EverDrive

Founded: 2011

Sector: Auto Insurance / Big Data

Location: Cambridge, MA


  • Seth Birnbaum, CEO and Co-Founder
  • Tomas Revesz, CTO and Co-Founder
  • John Wagner, Chief Financial Officer
  • John Tawadros, Chief Operating Officer
  • David Mason, General Counsel
  • Darryl Auguste, SVP Analytics & Online Marketing
  • Jonathan Shapiro, Chief Scientific Officer
  • Shimrit Markette, VP of Talent Acquisition



Jobcase is the only social media platform dedicated to empowering America’s workforce and disrupting out of date recruiting models. Jobcase believes that employers should not have to pay to list a job or to discover and contact potential candidates, freeing up budget for more meaningful investments such as data science and employer branding. Their success is backed up by over 53 million registered users, a number growing by over 1.5 million new users every month. Jobcase is also proud to serve over 45 million arrivals each month throughout the Jobcase network (Jobcase technology powers over 100 job sites in the USA).

Jobcase’s commitment to unlocking big data insights to empower America’s workforce is enhanced by their status as an industry affiliate partner of MIT’s CSAIL. They've also been celebrated as one of the best places to work by the Boston Business Journal.

Founded: 2009

Sector: Social Media / HR Tech

Location: Cambridge, MA


  • Frederick Goff, CEO and Founder
  • Tony Deigh, CTO
  • Michael Griffin, EVP Member Services
  • Garrett Friedman, SVP Business Development
  • Kerry Kee, SVP Engineering
  • Hilary Dionne, VP Operations and Media Analytics
  • Lauren Herman, VP Growth
  • Marijoy Bertolini, Director of Talent Acquisition



Launched on January 1st, 2015, Tenizen is the newest company to launch from the Cogo Labs venture accelerator. Leveraging years of R&D in online marketing analytics, Tenizen is focused on transforming the apartment rentals market through technology and a vastly improved user experience. Tenizen’s goal is to take what is currently an unpleasant process for both tenants and landlords and improve the entire experience, from the listing of the apartment to the signing of the lease.

Tenizen currently consists of 8 full-time and 2 part-time employees, and they're looking to grow in a number of areas in the coming months, including analytics, software development, and business development. Interested in joining the Tenizen team? Check out open positions here: Tenizen Careers

Founded: 2015

Sector: Big Data / Real-Estate

Location: Cambridge, MA


  • Jacob Silber, CEO & Founder
  • Andrew Christo, Director of Operations
  • Brian Eck, Vice President of Engineering
  • Nick Comment - Lead Data Scientist
  • Vy Nguyen - Quantitative Analyst
  • John Pappas - Principal Software Engineer
  • Stephen Tang - Quantitative Analyst



Abovo42 Corporation is a “Social Email” consumer technology that allows Internet users to publish and share content simply by sending or forwarding an email message. Any email sent or forwarded to Post@Abovo42.com will be instantly transformed into a web page on the public Internet where it then can be shared across all Social Networks. The mission of Abovo42 is to build the world’s simplest technology for publishing and sharing content online. There is no app to install, no signup required and the technology works the same on any device and with any email account or client. Users are never asked to learn anything new beyond what they typically do many times every day – send or forward an email.

Users can create their own super-simple free blog just using their email, which creates countless potential use-cases of Abovo42 including sharing a Groupon offer with followers, creating instant photo albums, posting previously-sent emails for public consumption, instant whistle-blowing, or distributing files – all with the ease of simply sending or forwarding an email. This revolutionary technology is always 100% free to consumers and will utilize an advertising-supported business model similar to Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

www.Meta42.co is an online marketing business for big brands, advertisers, marketers, and lead-buyers and is a wholly-owned subsidiary and sister company of Abovo42 Corporation.

Founded: 2015

Sector: Consumer Tech: Social/Viral Media

Location: Baltimore, MD


  • Sean Fenlon, Founder & CEO
  • Chad Mathias, CTO & Co-founder
  • Scott Schoberg, VP Delivery
  • John Reilly, VP Finance
  • Nguyen Le, VP Analytics
  • Brad Lears, VP Revenue Operations



Cognius is a leading deliverer of targeted content to over 25 million Americans, across over a dozen properties. They are analysts, engineers and creative thinkers seeking to build sticky user experiences and engaging content across diverse industries.

Cognius started as a team of veterans of Cogo Labs in 2013, Boston's most successful Internet accelerator. They have decades of combined experience launching high growth Internet startups with a focus on predictive analytics.

They believe that good decision-making is always driven by hard data and thoughtful interpretation. They speak in numbers, and they measure results. They expect a lot from themselves, they love solving puzzles, and they expect their work to be challenging, rewarding and fun. They love computers, because they free us from the drudgery of repetition, and free our minds to engage in the creative problem solving that is the essence of human ingenuity.

Founded: 2013

Sector: Media / Publishing

Location: Cambridge, MA


  • Tom Ellis, CEO, Founder
  • Steve Small, VP Engineering
  • Anne Tolsma, VP Analytics
  • Jordan Staab, VP Revenue



CareDash is an online portal for health care provider ratings and reviews, like a Yelp or TripAdvisor for doctors, dentists, and other practitioners. Its growth rate makes it the fastest growing provider review companies of all time.

CareDash is simplifying the search for trusted resources on life’s simplest and most difficult questions by leveraging its proprietary algorithms, world-class brainpower, and best-in-class partnerships to provide its users with the most accurate and transparent information.

Founded: 2013

Sector: Health and Wellness

Location: Cambridge, MA


  • Ted Chan, CEO and Co-Founder
  • Mike Feldman, CTO
  • Andrew Smist, Director of Analytics