A public company since June 2018, EverQuote (NASDAQ: EVER) is an online insurance marketplace focused on applying sophisticated mathematics and enterprise class technology to deliver the high quality, scalable connections to auto insurance consumers that carriers and agents need to thrive today.

Abovo is a “Social Email” platform that allows internet users to publish and share content simply by sending or forwarding an email message. There is no app to install, no signup required and the technology works the same on any device and with any email account or client. All you have to do is push send.

Jobcase is the only social media platform dedicated to empowering America’s workforce and disrupting out of date recruiting models. Jobcase believes that employers should not have to pay to list a job or to discover and contact potential candidates. Their success is backed up by over 80 million registered users and 2M+ daily arrivals throughout the Jobcase network.

Own Up is a mortgage service with on-demand personal mortgage experts committed to securing home loans from certified local lenders that offer discounted interest rates. Since launching in 2016, Own Up has worked with hundreds of customers who have saved an average of $30,000 over the life of their loan.

We invest in great companies

Our partners possess knowledge and experience that has generated more than $1 billion in value across all of their associated companies. Link Equity Partners, LLC is a venture capital firm dedicated to investing in Internet and technology companies with a capital-efficient road to profitability.

Our success is rooted in our ability to identify unique business opportunities and to partner with our portfolio companies to drive rapid growth through application of cutting-edge Internet traffic generation techniques in combination with sophisticated mathematical modeling and behavioral analysis. Our competitive intelligence assets give us insight into 1million+ consumers' online activity. Resources like our startup incubator Cogo Labs allow our companies to succeed quickly while bypassing many of the struggles early stage startups face. Cogo's employees are data scientists, engineers, and analysts with deep understanding of how to identify and reach a target audience enabling us to identify new investments or turbocharge existing ones.

We are the Link between conception and realization...